30 October 2017



About IDO

IDO (İstanbul Deniz Otobüsleri Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.) was founded in 1987 in Istanbul by the Greater Metropolitan Council for the purpose of promoting sea transport and helping to ease traffic jams.

Istanbul's sea transport was largely carried out by Turkish Maritime Operations City Lines before 1987. In that year, İstanbul Ulaşım and Ticaret A.Ş. (Istanbul Transport and Trade Ltd) was founded by the Greater Metropolitan Council, bringing a second marine transportation organization into existence. Later in 1988 the organization underwent a title change, becoming İDO - İstanbul Deniz Otobüsleri Sanayi ve Ticaret (Istanbul Sea Buses Industry and Commerce), Ltd.

In February 2005, the Greater Istanbul Metropolitan Council expressed its desire to take over Türkiye Şehir Hatları İşletmesi by submitting a protocol to the High Board of Privatization (HBP).  The takeover operations were carried out by İDO on behalf of the Greater Istanbul Metropolitan Council. Following the takeover, the Greater Istanbul Metropolitan Council became the sole authority responsible for marine transportation in Istanbul and this responsibility was largely transferred to İDO.

In June 2011, IDO was privatized and started to be steered by TASS Joint Venture (Tepe-Akfen-Souter-Sera) management.

IDO operates a total of 16 lines with a fleet of 24 Sea Buses, 9 Fast Ferries and 18 Conventional Ferries. Its 53 ships go to 28 destinations.

The Challenge

IDO decided to use SAP Hybris e-commerce platform due to a intent to update its current ticket sales channels. Utilizing the correct and fitting technology which Hybris will run on became a priority. Performance, reliability, high accessibility and security were the top KPI’s in the decision-making process.

Why Amazon Web Services

With Hybris platform in mind, Amazon Web Services (AWS) - providing single point access, agility, high availability, performance and compatibility – provides an all-around solution for all basic business requirements and these features played the utmost importance in selection process.

Elastic BeanStalk has been decided to be used for Hybris based ticketing system and the main reasons were its availability to automate capacity preparation, load balancing, scaling, application health monitoring.

It was not possible to upscale or downscale the SAP Hybris ticketing system on momentary basis before AWS. Ticketing demand fluctuates highly on seasonal and timely basis and it was critical to be able to scale the system in seconds.

Also, for database needs, SAP HANA on AWS is being used on SAP certified servers for SAP Hybris.


The Benefits


It is crucial for users who are using the online ticketing system to conclude their transactions swiftly. Especially on holiday season, outer rim lines create peak user traffic and it has been made sure that there would be no slowness in ticketing services.

Elastic Beanstalk provided the necessary scalability and with AWS provided PCI compliance, the service level is assured.