Redibex SAP Consulting Services


Get the best services for digital transformation by using SAP HANA, SAP Cloud on Industries and SAP System Maintenance!

We offer the scope, breadth and objectivity to meet client needs, whether a straightforward technical implementation or an enterprise-wide transformational change. We deliver cost-effective, high-quality, industry-specific SAP solutions through a range of tools, methodologies and other assets.

We design, develop and implement unique and standard solutions of specialized modules of SAP business information system: Finance (Finance, Controlling), Logistics (Sales and Distribution, Business Warehouse, Material Management, Warehouse Management, Product Planning). We are organized to facilitate innovation and drive business value for our clients using SAP HANA, analytics, mobility and cloud across localization, e-Commerce, finance transformation and logistics operations. We implement industry-specific solutions for Retail and e-Commerce sectors to help our clients get the most out of their enterprise solutions investments. By using the power of SAP knowledge, we run your SAP systems and monitore the results related on system performance.

SAP  Financial

In our SAP FI/CO group we focus on helping our clients to tackle the full breadth of their finance & management accounting challenges. Based on deep collaboration with other SAP modules, and understanding of client needs, we deliver solutions that help clients to excel and achieve high performance businesses.

We help finance organizations rapidly gain the transformational benefits of rich and innovative solutions, deployed in months rather than years. We work with our clients to create solutions for change, delivering agile, nimble and responsive real-time business capabilities. By working with Redibex, you will be able to gain insight into all financial processes, accelerate your cash collection ratio, manage risk and compliance (e.g. internal controls, IFRS standards etc), optimize your closing schedule and close your books faster and increase automation.

SAP Functional Support

Functional application management is a complex area of SAP. Organisations need access to effective SAP support with a strong focus on Business Process effectiveness and efficiency but at minimum cost – especially for any processes that have a direct impact on business partners.

Functional support is Redibex's primary service offering, covering incident handling (corrections), small change request handling and advanced support questions (3rd line user support).

The service offers a dedicated remote support team (based on ITIL processes), and the use of SAP solution Manager as a service request management system. This can be complemented with on-site support.

SAP Technical Application (System) Management

The SAP Technical application Management & Monitoring solution offers SAP Technical Monitoring, technical Incident and alert handling, small change request handling, SAP administration and 24×7 support and monitoring.

Our dedicated SAP technical support team uses SAP Solution Manager tools and processes – is complimented with on-site support delivered by local SAP technical consultants as required.

    The benefits are:

  • Migration support towards innovative technologies
  • Synergy between BC and functional support
  • Process and industrialization in Technical SAP management
  • Monitoring, 24/7 stand-by, high level of responsiveness, variable capacity
  • Senior local (language) consultants in the front-end (customer facing)
  • Close collaboration with functional support

SAP Technology

The decision to embark on a SAP HANA® or SAP® S/4HANA journey is very important and may not feature in your short term strategy or budget. Redibex encourages companies to start exploring the cost and benefits associated with an investment in SAP S/4HANA or SAP HANA to gain an understanding of when it would be optimal to embark on the journey.

The SAP HANA platform revolutionizes ERP and Analytic solutions, by allowing massive quantities of data to be leveraged for business processes and reporting in real time. SAP HANA provides SAP customers with the power and agility to support a digital (r)evolution. You can address today’s demand for real-time business insights by creating business applications that previously were neither feasible nor cost-effective.

Redibex offers a suite of industry-based applications and services across all layers of the SAP HANA product stack. We are already helping clients migrate to SAP Business Suite on HANA and SAP S/4HANA and start realizing the initial benefits offered by the speed and simplification that is inherent in the new technologies.

Based on this experience, an in-depth analysis of this new technology, and feedback from our clients we have developed a value-based program that will help to make your journey to SAP Business Suite on SAP HANA and SAP S/4HANA non-disruptive and outcome based, while ensuring you maximize the benefits of your new solutions.